Modernize your Monolith - Audits and Workshops

MaibornWolff GmbH

Three to five weeks workshops and audits to assess your current IT environment. Deliveries: future requirements, business architecture, technical architecture and code quality

For more than five years MaibornWolff has successfully modernized and migrated huge business-critical projects for customers like BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Dräger, Miele, Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) and many others. In our 3-5 weeks workshops and audits, we show you how a sustainable version of your business could look like—based on modern technology with Microsoft Azure.

Whether you look for serverless architecture with Azure Functions, a fully managed Azure Kubernetes cluster, multifaceted storage solutions from Azure Blob Storage to Cosmos DB, etc.: MaibornWolff composes Azure services according to your business needs—all done within the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework and the Azure Well-Architected Framework. As a result, you’ll have a roadmap that shows you what your cloud journey could look like.

And this is what a typical example of our 3-weeks workshop looks like:

Workshop 1: Kickoff & Future plans Presentation of system 'A' to be audited and drawing a big picture of the situation Future projects Define key questions for audit

Workshop 2: Business architecture Joint drawing of the functional architecture Joint drawing of functional inputs and outputs Review of technical questionnaire

Workshop 3: Technical architecture Joint drawing of the technical architecture Joint drawing of the communication to neighboring systems Walk through technical questionnaire

Workshop 4: Code quality Examining code maps together Qualitative assessment of hotspots Review of code questionnaire

Workshop 5: Consolidation of analysis Joint review of analysis results Interim report of the analysis for (higher) management

The following workshops are designed so individually that no further outline is possible: Workshop 6: Joint conception of future architecture Workshop 7: Consolidation of roadmap and indication of upcoming workloads Workshop 8: Consolidation of the final report -> Final report for (higher) management