Entra Permissions Management: 2 week Risk Assessment

Mazzy Technologies Corp.

To reduce the attack surface and increase overall security posture by giving you a full visibility into every identity and what resources it is accessing across your cloud platforms.

Mazzy Technologies Microsoft Entra Permissions Management Risk Assessment helps your organization achieve Zero-Trust by giving you visibility into all of your cloud identities and what resources they can access.

You will with MT IAM experts to learn and discover how Entra Permissions Management deepens Zero Trust security strategies by augmenting the least privilege access principle, allowing you to:

• Get comprehensive visibility: Discover which identity is doing what, where, and when.

• Automate least privilege access: Use access analytics to ensure identities have the right permissions, at the right time.

• Unify access policies across infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms: Implement consistent security policies across your cloud infrastructure.

Both executive reports and detailed reports are delivered so that your organization can take immediate action to remediate risk and right-size permissions based on usage, grant new permissions on-demand, and automate just-in-time access for cloud resources.

Additional resources are provided by MT identity teams for ongoing monitoring of your cloud permissions via the Entra Permissions Dashboard:

• Permission Creep Index (PCI): An aggregated metric that periodically evaluates the level of risk associated with the number of unused or excessive permissions across your identities and resources. It measures how much damage identities can cause based on the permissions they have.

• Permission usage analytics: Multi-dimensional view of permissions risk for all identities, actions, and resources. Help strengthen your security posture with the 2 week assessment by contacting Mazzy Technologies today!