Mindtree's MFaaS-6 weeks assessment

Mindtree Limited

Mainframe Migration to Azure Cloud - Mindtree's services for Mainframe migration to Azure Cloud starting with assessment, roadmap definition and execution approach

For customers with Mainframe heavy landscape who are looking forward to offload their workloads to modern target platforms, Mindtree’s cloud focused proprietary assessment framework helps to zero in on the most suited migration option to Azure cloud.

A Microsoft certified preferred partner with extensive experience in migrating Mainframe workloads to Azure cloud, Mindtree’s uniquely tailored solution accelerators and frameworks uniquely position us to advise customers on the most suited Mainframe migration roadmap to Azure.

Considerations - Mindtree’s guiding modernization principles, intertwined with our solution accelerators, thoroughly consider the mitigation of the below mentioned key challenges encountered during any typical Mainframe to Azure cloud migration journey. Mindtree has proven solutions for all of the below mentioned considerations.

  1. Planning w.r.t time, effort & cost
  2. Coverage of migration scope
  3. Lack of proper documentation & missing source codes
  4. Risk due to performance impact
  5. Handling of critical interfaces

Deliverables – With respect to the migration of Mainframe workloads to Azure cloud, the following are the key deliverables of the assessment exercise

  1. Analysis of the Mainframe inventory for complexity, criticality, dependency etc.
  2. Extraction of business rules, flowcharts, pseudo code, call trees etc.
  3. Mainframe to Azure migration Program roadmap with sequencing of migration
  4. Program Plan with estimates

Key Benefits - The following are some of the key benefits with our approach –

  1. Automation First approach with ~60-70% automation.
  2. Hybrid-approach (Technical + Functional) approach for extraction of business rules.
  3. Highly configurable tools
  4. Self-funded modernization approach
  5. Extensive prior experience for customers across different industry groups

Pricing for the assessment: Please note that the pricing and duration of the assessment will vary based on the exact size of the inventory.