Migration to Azure: 4-week implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

Mismo offers end-to-end consulting & migration services to migrate your on-premises applications/workloads/servers to Microsoft Azure


Cloud migration is the journey of migrating applications, workloads/servers, and data from an on-premises Datacenter or from legacy infrastructure to public cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure). Migrating to the cloud seems to be an easy decision to take, however, it should be taken very carefully. A smooth migration requires a lot of assessment and planning, including detailed impact assessment on business processes and operations.

Why to move to Microsoft Azure?

  • Pay-as-you-go model, pay only for what you use
  • Enterprise grade multi-layer security across physical datacentres, infrastructure, and operations
  • Microsoft Azure is equipped with many compliance certificates specific to global region & countries
  • Scale up/out and down/in easily to meet the users and workload demand, more easily than on-premises infrastructure
  • Enterprise grade backup and DR capabilities at very low cost
  • Reduced network latency, as the services on Microsoft Azure can run near to the users

Use Cases?

  • Extend/migrate AD DS to Azure or go Hybrid
  • Migrate your on-prem business applications (which can include custom software/application build inhouse or by providers/ISVs
  • Migrate commercial ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, Business Central
  • Migrate webservers and databases
  • Migrate file systems (File servers, NAS,)
  • Migrate Dev-test environment
  • Modernise applications by adopting technologies such as serverless, containers and event driven

What Mismo Offers?

Phase 1 - Assessment and Design

  • Assess the on-premises environment using native tools
  • Capture the business and technical requirements
  • Identify risk and dependencies
  • Plan and design the cloud solution based on the assessment
  • Prepare TCO and migration approach

Phase 2 – Migration

  • Lift & Shift/Rehost/Refactor/Rearchitect the application on cloud
  • Document and handover to operations team

Phase 3 – Optimization

  • Monitor the Azure environment and resources after migration
  • Optimize the resources based on the monitoring results to improve performance and optimize cost


  • The pricing is indicative and for the defined timeline, if the migration encompasses multiple business applications and cannot be completed with time the cost will be higher.