Azure DataHyperloop Solution – 8-WK Proof of Value


Azure DataOps DataHyperloop Solution enables automated delivery orchestration of your data pipeline by reducing analytics cycle time with agility and assurance.

Today’s data pipeline is complex, confusing and costly. Customers today want faster and better managed of end-to-end delivery of data to consumers by bringing in People, Process and Tools/Technology cohesiveness. As part of Data Modernization initiative and implementation Customers are struggling today on how the Data can be delivered Faster, Continuously with Agility and Assurance.

Azure DataHyperloop DataOps Solution is completely automated by implementing CI/CD principles to deliver the Data Pipeline changes and Data continuously to Target Azure System. It offers end to end build and deployment solution by continuously integrating the Code Review, deployment of a Data Pipeline, Unit Testing, automated approval gate, Deployment to lower and higher environments, Continuous Testing of Source and Target data and Continuous Monitoring.

Cognizant Azure DataHyerloop leverages Azure Data Services – Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Synapse, Azure Active Directory, Azure Key Vault a Data Pipeline foundation and Azure DevOps services – Azure Repos, Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Pipeline, Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, Azure ARM template and SonarQube, Cognizant Data Validation Studio and Grafana. These services form the core of this solution.

This solution will optimize the cost of operations in analytics, reduce the cycle time and eliminate the foundational data issues in the data pipeline.

Benefits: Automated Continuous Integration, Automated Code Review and Unit testing, Automated Data Application Deployment, Automated Data Validation, Easy third-party tool integration, and Continuous Monitoring and Alert