Cybersecurity Advisory Baseline 1-wk Workshop

NTT Limited

Cybersecurity Advisory Baseline is an asset-based consulting engagement that uses workshops and interviews to assess cybersecurity maturity across all areas of your people, processes and technologies.
Driven by business outcomes, this engagement uses a flexible, modular framework to examine the entire lifecycle of enterprise cybersecurity. The consulting digital platform delivers current and target state visualizations to track progress. Business Outcomes:
  • Expert baseline state of cybersecurity posture and gap identification
  • Prioritized, actionable security roadmap aligned to your business
  • Concrete actions to secure use of Microsoft technologies listed below
Example Microsoft Technologies:
  • Advanced Threat Analytics and Azure Security Centre
  • Azure Active Directory and Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Azure Sentinel
Market Availability: Delivered in over 20 countries around the world. Duration: Workshops typically start at 1 week but the overall engagement is dependent on the scope. Sample Agenda: The workshop is organized into the following four (4) key phases. Actual time needed in each phase will depend on scope and your requirements.
  • Phase 1 (ex. Day 1) Business Context Discovery: NTT will review your operational business objectives and assets being protected.
  • Phase 2 (ex. Day 2 to 3) Current State Evaluation: NTT will review the implementation of the Security Strategy and interview key stakeholders and security leadership.
  • Phase 3 (day count N/A) Analysis and Reporting: NTT will identify potential areas of strength, opportunities for improvement and produce a summary of findings.
  • Phase 4 (ex. Day 4 to 5) Executive Summary and Debriefing: Review a draft presentation with the project team followed by report finalization and formal presentation to management and stakeholders.
Pricing: Dependent on scope and size of your environment. We can provide a quote to meet your specific requirements, but generally minimum engagements start at USD 15,000.