Semantic Analysis for your data: 4-Weeks assessment


Define the contribution of Semantic Analytics Powered Intelligence (SAPI) Oaks tool, implemented on Microsoft Azure architecture, to your business with a sample analysis.

The SAPI tool assessment will be articulated into 3 main steps:

Step 1: Discovery & Getting Started [1 week]

  • Define company available data and requirements
  • Align on team and timeline

Step 2: SAPI development [2 weeks]

  • Identify the Microsoft Azure base SAPI optimal services needed to satisfy the requirements
  • Identify possible additional data needed and define strategy for the data collection using already implemented native Microsoft Azure Services.
  • Identify the optimal data structure based on Microsoft Azure Data Architecture
  • Identify dataset for sample SAPI analysis
  • Develop the SAPI analysis

Step 3: Results, Outlook & Next Steps [1 week]

  • Final presentation of sample analysis based on company data
  • SAPI implementation proposal: timing and costs
  • Introduction and suggestions for the needed software integrations with Microsoft Azure services both based on Data Architecture and Analytics services