Azure - Computer Vision : 7-weeks implementation

Orange Business Services SA

Made for quality inspection. This solution brings automated intelligence in your business by allowing image-controlled quality inspection.

Orange Business offers an asset-based Computer Vision service made for visual inspection. It includes a trained Machine Learning model (using customer’s data), the deployment of the model in the customer’s infrastructure as well as a frontend interface.

Using photos taken on a production line, the solution can in near real-time detect defaults and validate the quality of each product. It replaces manual inspection which is time consuming and an expensive process. Orange Business’ Computer Vision solution can detect smallest defects reliably, not relying on defect-labelled training data and is able to adapt automatically to new defects that have not occurred before.

Computer Vision solution in a nutshell: • Low data requirement to train: using the zero-shot learning technology, the model only needs a few pictures of “good products” to be trained and then be deployed • Automatically detect new defects: the solution can adapt automatically to new defects that have not occurred before on the production line • Close to real-time analysis: the solution can analyse up to 10 frames per second which is score reliable for production line. Meaning analysing 10 products per second

The Azure portfolio offers a great number of tools and components to develop a ready-to-deploy Computer Vision solution. To unlock the power of these cloud native components a skilled team of experts is required. Orange Business is providing the expertise as well as the asset of a ready-to-deploy Computer Vision solution for quality inspection. Orange Business Services’ Azure certified experts will implement and customize the solution to bring its customers successfully to the end of their Machine Learning journey.

Orange Business is using its expertise in numerous fields as IoT, cloud, connectivity, or big data to unlock may use-cases in the manufacturing industry (and many other verticals). One of the results is its offering: Computer Vision for quality inspection. The most common use-cases raised up when scaling Machine Learning in industry are:

• Automating and computerizing manual processes as quality inspection • Improving workers’ safety on the factory lines • Inventory management, storage units’ management

The Computer Vision solution Orange Business offers is easily deployable for quality inspection but can answer more use-cases, as the ones mentioned before. To facilitate the deployment of such a Machine Learning model, and to prove the business value it can generate: the solution has been splitted into two main deployment steps which are called offers.

Basic offer – from 35k€ • Pre-packaged solution • State-of-the-art Computer Vision for quality inspection • Training of models using custom dataset • Frontend interface for model validation & testing • Setup of Azure accounts and VPN Gateway

Full offer - on quotation • Setting up IoT devices or cameras for data collection, data cleaning and pre-processing • Frontend interface and monitoring tools • MLOps pipeline for retraining and deployment of the Computer Vision model • VPN access, peering / routing / connection • Tailor-made features