Azure Server Migration: 4-Day Proof of Concept


A 4-day Proof of Concept to help migrate your servers to Azure based on best practices.


This 4-day Proof of Concept is for executives and IT managers/decision-makers, and is primarily held on-site at the client's facility.

Day 1

  • Review networking status to Azure.
  • Review Azure subscription status.
  • Review Active Directory topology.

Day 2

  • Configure Azure Naming Convention.
  • Configure Networking.
  • Configure Azure Security and Role Based Access Control.

Day 3

  • Verify Networking integration.
  • Deploy Azure Site Recovery Tool (ASR).
  • Validate Azure Site Recovery Deployment and functionality.

Day 4

  • Deploy Active Directory Domain Controller on Azure.
  • Execute Windows Server migration to Azure.
  • Validate Windows Server migration to Azure.
  • Knowledge Transfer.

This Proof of Concept will plan your successful server migration, including integration with Azure and deployment of core services.