Azure Assessment: 2-Day Assessment

QuoStar Solutions Limited

Our team will perform a thorough evaluation of your existing Azure environment and we will provide you with clear guidance on how to implement these improvements.

The Microsoft Azure platform is an expansive and potent system. However, as the Microsoft stack continues to expand and your internal development evolves, costs can gradually increase, configurations may become neglected, and new features and enhancements may go unnoticed. Consequently, organisations may end up overspending or failing to take full advantage of the platform’s paid offerings.

Our Azure experts will carry out a thorough evaluation of your existing environment to determine if there are opportunities to enhance your Azure services for the benefit of your business, ensuring optimal performance and value are being achieved without compromising workloads. We consider the environment, governance, security, and cost optimisation to ensure your services meet and exceed the industry best practice standards set my Microsoft.

Our team will present you with a clear and practical report that is tailored to your specific environment, devoid of confusing technical terminology and full of actionable insights to help guide your next steps.

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