Data Migration: 5-Day Workshop

Reply Ltd

Plan how your organisation can adopt modern cloud technologies for data and analytics. A structured approach based on best on practices and a well-defined methodology.

We undertake an assessment of customer data sources and processing to understand the data workloads that drive your business. We then envision a future migrated to the cloud to optimise performance and costs. With this five-day workshop, we can help you understand how cloud data migration can be accomplished, the benefits Microsoft Azure will provide to your business, with a candidate architecture and migration strategy to guide the process.

Agenda Day 1 - DISCOVER *Business & IT Overview *Data and Application Landscape *As-Is Data Processing *Infrastructure and Connectivity Requirements *Current Pain Points and Challenges

Agenda Day 2 - ENVISION *Candidate Architecture Options *Monitoring, Operations, and Performance *Security and Compliance Requirements *Business Continuity Approach *Development and ALM Requirements *Skills Transfer Approach

Agenda Days 3-5 - STRATEGISE The Cloud Migration Strategy Report will be a fully documented output including: *Candidate Architecture *Cloud Migration Approach *Best Practices and Development Standards *Monitoring and Operations Approach *Costed Proposal for Cloud Migration Project

The duration workshop is based on a limited scope. The scope of the project (e.g. number of users, applications, images etc.) need to be agreed in advance.