Electronic Controlled Drugs Register: 2-hr briefing

Reply Ltd

Briefing on how Solidsoft Reply’s Electronic Controlled Drugs Register overcomes the challenges with the existing paper processes. Target Audience NHS Trusts and Healthcare Organisations.

This briefing will provide you with insight on how Solidsoft Reply’s electronic Controlled Drugs register - Professional solution (eCDR-Pro) has been built on the Microsoft Azure platform to replace the existing paper processes between Pharmacies, Wards & Theatres. It offers NHS Trusts the ability to audit and manage the flow of controlled drugs (CD) from order, supply and administration in busy hospital environments.

A co-designed solution with the NHS that replaces the paper records for managing controlled drugs an accordance to UK CD Legislation. Replacing CD registers, order books & sample signatures, inpatient & outpatient CD prescriptions, handling illicit substances, CD disposal registers, patient’s own, stock checking & compliance audit reports.

Headline benefits include:

  • Provides Controlled Drugs Accountable Officers assurance with a legible, immutable and complete audit trail of CD activities across a Trust.
  • Enables Medicines Safety Officers to improve governance and adherence to its own standard operating procedures and identify areas of improvement.
  • Reduces time and effort for pharmacy & nursing staff spent placing and managing CD Orders.
  • Provides pharmacy staff greater controls to manage new policies such as compliance audits and approved stock lists.
  • Provides pharmacy staff improved visibility of stock holding, stock checks and compliance across the Trust.
  • Increases nursing staff flexibility and replaces sample signatures using configurable and secure role-based access to sign and witness CD events.
  • Reduces overall risk of diversion and saves time to investigate discrepancies & incidents.
  • Increase overall compliance to UK Controlled Drugs legislation and provide easier access to information to support Care Quality Commission (CQC) audits.
  • Securely built on the Microsoft Azure platform using WebApps and Azure SQL Server services.

Briefing Content

  • We will demonstrate the entire product offering targeting Chief Pharmacists, Head of Nursing & Clinical Directors and understand how it should be configured to meet the needs of the Trust.
  • We will discuss with you any points of integration in your existing IT landscape from ePMA, PAS, Incident Mgmt & Account Mgmt.
  • Let you describe the main challenges in managing your CDs and then we will show how the solution can help address them.
  • Discuss the options of onboarding and rolling-out the solution into the Trust.
  • Provide overview of available solution documentation & training material include URS, Clinical Risk Register and solution Workflows.

Built on Microsoft Azure platform with WebApps and Azure SQL Server -– a powerful Microsoft cloud solution