Secure SAP on Azure: 2-Wks Assessment

SNOK Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Secure SAP on Azure: 2-Wks Assessment enables organisations to understand the cost, value, and ideal path of secure SAP to Azure migration and architecture.

2 weeks assessment is designed to help customers plan for ways to deploy and manage full secure SAP Landscape on Azure

** The service aims to design a fully secured SAP architecture on the Azure platform. ** All Azure security mechanisms will be included in the project.

During the workshop, we will discuss such areas

  • disaster recovery
  • HA
  • identity management
  • secure access
  • intrusion detection
  • rensomware protection
  • monitoring of violations
  • other

The main goal for this 2-weeks assessment is to provide an overview for the Customer about Azure security concepts, SAP on Azure security concepts and the business advantages of migration their SAP machines and services to the Microsoft Azure.

This assessment consist of four parts:

  • The initial meeting with the CIO/CSO/SAP Project Manager/etc - presentation of the proposed success criteria and project scope
  • Data collection: architecture, procedures, etc.
  • Analysis this data, along with the additional discovery
  • The final presentation of the Secure SAP on Azure Assessment Report

##About SNOK We are a team of experienced experts who have spent many years helping businesses in the field of SAP technology. Every day we spend time doing what we are exceptionally good at - we work with state-of-the-art technologies to help companies proceed with digital transformation so that they can maximize their business achievements. Nothing is impossible to us. We mostly provide services in the following SAP technology areas:

  • cybersecurity,
  • cloud solutions,
  • trusted advisory in SAP BASIS area,
  • data and analysis.