Data Platform 1-Wk Proof of Concept

SpyroSoft S.A.

It is a good practice to test the solution on a small scale to prove if it is solving your problem the right way. This initial investment will save you money and resources for a long term projects.

PoC process

We follow a strict process that defines each PoC step. This will ensure smooth completion and timely delivery. Requirements (Azure DevOps, Cloud Adoption Framework)

  • Meeting with all stakeholders ​- We ensure that all-important people are aware of what we are planning to do. Everyone should have the opportunity to raise their voice. We record and document our meetings to make sure there is no room for misunderstanding.
  • Confirm scope​ - The very important topic, which will guarantee we list the exact items that will be delivered.
  • Define success criteria​ - You need to know if we succeeded, so clearly defined criteria for success or failure is a key part of this process.
  • Define risks - Every project has some risks! We know about this and plan the mitigation. We list all possible risks and have a backup plan in case something is not going as expected. 


  • Business process review​ - Once requirements are ready, both parties should review the process. This will provide you with confidence that we will deliver each step in an organized fashion.
  • Establish timeline​ - I am sure you want to know when exactly each milestone will be completed. We are working on the predefined timeline for each step of this process.
  • Define resources​ - ​We treat PoC seriously and for such important work, we assign our most experienced engineers. This will put confidence in your management that time and quality will be maintained.
  • Tools selection - Once we complete the requirements phase and understand the problem for PoC we will select the right tools to match the problem domain.

Execution (Azure DevOps)

  • Follow agile process ​- We follow best project management practices and agile methodology to make sure each task is executed in the most efficient manner.
  • Monitor process - We are obsessed with automation. Even for PoC, we try to monitor each process execution. This will provide good quality data for analysis. 
  • Performance data​ - This is part of monitoring; we need to get all the important details about the process to be able to optimize it.
  • Define risks - Every project could face some risks, we know about this hence we always prepare when they happen. The mitigation plan is ready and documented.

Analysis (Azure Databrick, Azure DataLake, CosmosDB)

  • Analyse results (Azure App Insights, Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center) ​ - We now have all the data we need to know what exactly has happened. It's time for analytics to tell us how well or bad it was.
  • Document findings - You get detailed documentation with every single data point about the PoC. This provides you with the valuable information for the future. You will know what is working well and not so well. This will save you precious money.
  • Communicate findings - Spyrosoft is always transparent in what we do. You will get a detailed report with PoC findings. 
  • Success or failure - Previous steps will tell us if the technology of choice solves your problem most efficiently. Or if it is not feasible to use in your business case.

Productionize (Azure DevOps)

  • Recommendations for production ​ - On success, we will provide recommendations for production. How to use and set up tested technology to take the most advantage of it. 
  • Architecture - We will provide you with example architecture looking holistically at your domain problem. 
  • Implementation - The information we provide will guide you on how to implement this technology into your environment and tools.
  • Strategy for risks management - You will get a detailed strategy on how to overcome potential issues and how to mitigate them.