Zero Cost Cloud Migration

Sunera Technologies Inc

Migrate to Azure cloud at Zero cost and Zero risk

Zero upfront investment for Customer – Suneratech invests upfront for both cloud Infrastructure and Migration Services on behalf of the Customer while the Customer's existing service is active. Eliminates cost bubble for Customers.

  1. Migrating to Azure Cloud help customers improve the performance of the application by 3X by using Azure Services
  2. Suneratech helps customer Mapping to the right sizing for Azure Services like Compute, Storage, Networking, DevOps, and Azure Migration Services.. Etc

Zero Platform cost for Customer – Payments to Suneratech will start only upon successful migration. Suneratech is paid only for Managed Services for the duration of the contract by the Customer.

Zero Risk for Customer – Suneratech's Platform-based approach mitigates the risk of Migration and Managed Services.

SuneraTech invests on migration (cloud credits, people and architectural knowledge) and takes all the upfront cost of migration, with a guarantee from the customers on a managed services contract post migration