COMPASS-Cloud Security Assessment: 4-Wk Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

The Cloud Security Assessment Solution provides a comprehensive approach in evaluation of pre migration security landscape, roadmap for secure implementation of target security landscape.

TechM's Cloud Oriented Maturity Posture Assessment for Security Services (COMPASS), a comprehensive approach in evaluating the pre-migration security landscape, offers a roadmap for secure implementation of the target cloud security landscape. It also provides guidance for managing Azure cloud security with continuous security and compliance monitoring.

COMPASS has two flavors; pre migration assessment and post migration assessment.

I. Azure Pre Migration Security Assessment:

The Pre migration set of assessments assists the IT team of Architects, consultants and engineers to view a comprehensive picture of existing security landscape. It will also add insight to the existing security controls, the existing security posture, end state controls needed, gaps, replacements and risks.

Value Delivered: The holistic assessment will provide a risk based analysis to the stakeholders to aid the go/no-go decision for Azure cloud security controls. They'll also help channel the business requirements for the Azure cloud migration into effective and valuable security solutions.

II. Azure Post Migration Security Assessment:

Azure Cloud Security Assessment service is aimed at covering the entire lifecycle of cloud security requirements. Azure post migration security Assessment services provides analysis on interoperability, compliance and security posture evaluation for digital transformation.

Value Delivered: Azure Post Migration security assessment services are available to provide vital analysis on compatibility, priority and maturity level of the on-prem extended, cloud native and third party tools. The assessment services for continuous monitoring and reporting ensures the security posture is defense ready to mitigate advanced threats and meets the required compliance standards.

Our Azure Cloud security assessments for digital transformation are available to provide the roadmaps and risk based assessments for the transformation based requirements for Azure Cloud.