Thermal Sense 2-week Implementation

Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra Consulting Services offers Thermal Sense Services using Azure Cognitive Services - An automated body temperature screening service with Facial Recognition tailored to your environment.

Keeping employees healthy is critical for employers. Tech Mahindra's Thermal Sense, provides automated body temperature screening with Facial Recognition using Azure Cognitive Services. With Covid-19 a concern for many, this allows companies to provide a measure of health safety.

This Thermal Sense service is set up per your companies needs to sense the temperature of employees entering the building. Services include set up of facial recognition enabling body temperature alarms to automatically correlate identity all running on the secure Azure cloud.

The technology used is highly accurate, based on leading AI algorithm capabilities, face recognition accuracy with masks > 90% (Based on 3000,000 base library scale).

The service includes a standard API interface for interconnection and can be connected to the public security systems and other related agencies and office systems to provide real-time local data.

Tech Mahindra's service offering includes an assessment/analysis to determine the best services for client needs & planning with timelines for each deliverable (1 day), and complete implementation of clients requested deliverables with testing to ensure the processes/services are running per the clients needs (within 2 weeks, etc.).

This service is applicable for airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, subways, schools, hospitals, office buildings, industrial parks, community shops, etc.