VOW Microsoft Azure 4-wk Implementation

Tech Mahindra Limited

Virtual Operations Workforce (VOW) Implementation (4-week) to Automate L1 Operations Tasks to flex Operations team bandwidth showcased on Microsoft Azure Cloud

There is unusual pressure on Operations staff as network loads have exploded. As numbers speak for themselves; there is percentage surge in volumes across various services. This trend is consistent across geographies. While there is a surge in the demand, that translates to increased pressure on network performance metrics, ticket volume, and the availability of operations staff has drastically shrunk. Now with Covid-19, companies average about 50% shortage in manpower due to social distancing norms, sickness/casualty, and attrition. To make it worst, BCP policies are proving inadequate as both primary and secondary sites are more likely affected due to complete/partial lockdowns.

A viable option is to virtually flex the bandwidth of network operations staff by automating L-1 operations tasks. Branded as Tech Mahindra's Virtual Operations Workforce (VOW) built on Microsoft Azure, this proof of concept addresses one of several optional use cases including: Triaging, Auto monitoring, Ticket Creation, handover to L2, ticket closures etc.

As a starter kit, this implementation focuses to automate L-1. This helps the client to see early results. This solution improves bandwidth of L1 Operations Staff by about 60%. Tech Mahindra provides you expertise and know how to help you achieve this process so your company can realize the savings.

Deliverables include a complete assessment of customers needs (1-2 days), working proof of concept/prototype of L1 mundane task automation. (2-3 weeks), recommendations, documentation, training and a deliverable proof of concept solution on Microsoft Azure cloud (2-3 days)

The price is estimated as it depends on each companies environment and needs.