Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Week : PoC


Thinking of using VDI for secure hybrid remote workplaces or set up a virtual machine but don't know what configuration is best, or if you are considering migrating your on-prem system to the cloud.

With the increasing demand in cloud and virtualization enterprise are running to adopt to these ever-changing environments, Thoughtsol brings subject matter expertise in planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experience.

Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to display and operate the desktop screen of your PC via the Internet regardless of where you are, such as in the office, outside the office, or at home. As work styles change, more and more companies are considering the introduction of virtual desktops. As a Microsoft certified company, Thoughtsol will provide the necessary licenses for the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a cloud-based virtual desktop provided by Microsoft, as well as initial setup and post-introduction support by expert engineers. We will provide the licenses necessary for the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a cloud-based virtual desktop provided by Azure.

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop, step-by-step, in Microsoft Azure. You'll complete the following steps to prepare the infrastructure for your deployment: • Deploy the Necessary Azure Resources to Support WVD in Azure • Configure a Custom Domain for Azure AD • Deploy and Configure Azure AD Domain Services • Deploy Azure AD Domain Services vNet and Subnet • Provision a Management Server for Azure AD Domain Services • Perform Necessary Network Peering Once the infrastructure is provisioned, you'll deploy and configure Windows Virtual Desktop. To perform these tasks, you'll complete the following steps: • Perform a Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment • Create and Share a Desktop with Users • Configure Apps for Users • Customize the Windows Virtual Desktop workspace • Optimize Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure • Configure FSLogix with an Azure File Share to Host Profile Disks When you finish this Windows Virtual Desktop course, you'll have a fully-functioning Windows Virtual Desktop environment built completely in Azure