Customer Cosmos (AI-enabled Customer 360 Data Platform): 8-Week Implementation

Tredence Inc

Azure-powered Customer Cosmos unleashes customer insights to power retail decisions.

The objective is to develop an end-to-end customer 360 solution on Azure across omnichannel data sources for personalization and other customer-centric applications.

Tredence’s Customer Cosmos is an enriched Customer 360 data model that provides omnichannel visibility into profile, behavior, preferences, attitudes, and deeper customer insights by integrating 1st and 3rd party data. The Azure-powered Cosmos solution will enable you to unlock the following value of customer data:

  • Customer Data Model and KPI Stores—Verticalized and Sub-Verticalized Cosmos Feature Stores across Retail, Telecom, Media, Insurance, Health, etc.
  • Pre-built Data Engineering and Transformation Notebooks: SQL Pipelines to Get 360 Customer Attributes from Source Systems
  • Prebuilt AI/ML notebooks with modularized parameter tuning for predictive and preference customer attributes 

This implementation uses these native Azure components: Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake storage (raw & curated data), Azure SQL DB, Azure DB, Azure Analysis Services, Azure DF & Azure DevOps.

  • Audit & Logging: Solution lifecycle management is governed using Azure App Insights and Logic Apps.
  • Security: Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault are used to manage user security restrictions and access privileges.
  • CI/CD Tools: The Azure CI/CD suite, consisting of ADO repos, ADO pipelines, etc., is used for code repository and automated deployment. It is complemented with the Tredence ML Work tool for ML monitoring.

8-week implementation plan:

Weeks 1-2 (Discovery) Weeks 3–4 (Data Preprocessing & Design) Weeks 4–5 (Data Modeling) Weeks 7–8 (ML Prediction & Deployment)