AI discovery workshop (4h)

Unit8 SA

Looking to start an AI practice in your organization? Curious what type of benefits AI and advanced analytics can bring to your organization? If so, join us for a 'AI discovery workshop'

In this workshop we’ll explore the AI topic in the light of your industry. We will help you design your start into an AI adoption journey using a proven approach & methodology to selecting the right AI use case. We will then illustrate the methodology in practice with real life AI use cases from your industry. We will provide an intro to Microsoft's Azure together with the AI services it provides (Cognitive services). We will conclude with sharing best practices and lessons learnt based on our experience from having deployed more than 40 successful AI/ML projects.

What will we cover?

  • quick refresher on AI
  • Industry study - AI use cases with a proven positive business impact tailored to your industry
  • Intro to Azure AI services (Cognitive Services)
  • AI journey kick starter - how to pick your first AI project
  • proven methodology on selecting your first AI project
  • workshop style discussion on how to go from a business problem to an AI driven solution
  • Best practices and recommendations (practical) on how to deploy the AI solution in your environment

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders interested in how to start an AI journey,
  • AI enthusiasts,
  • Delivery leaders of AI projects

Why should you attend? At Unit8, we often get approached by our customers to help them accelerate their adoption of AI. In several cases, our customers know what the problems that they are trying to solve are, but very frequently we are asked to help them evaluate if AI is the right way to approach these problems.

In these scenarios - What’s the appropriate way to verify if AI can help? What’s the best methodology to decide if an idea can be turned into a project with positive ROI? - selecting a wrong AI case can lead to disappointment, while choosing a successful AI use case, especially if it’s the first one, can pave the way to a company wide AI strategy.