Cloud Native Journey: 5-day Briefing and Coaching

white duck GmbH

We help you to develop modern Cloud native applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We offer you specific consulting packages to make your software development quickly “Cloud Native Ready”.

We help you develop modern Cloud applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. To do this, we offer you specific consulting packages to help your software development team get to their destination faster on their Cloud Native journey.

We have put Cloud Native Journeys together for beginners and advanced users among you. Our journeys include workshops with coaching and prototyping to support you in the development of your Cloud applications on the basis of many years of our project experience.

On your Cloud Native Journey, we’ll start supporting you from the point where you are right now. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, we can match our offer according to your needs. With our Basic Journey and Advanced Journey, we offer you an optimal guide to your journey through the cloud.

BASIC JOURNEY Are you new to Microsoft Azure or are you just getting started?

  • Solution assessment
  • Azure Dev Basics
  • DevOps Basics
  • Container Basics
  • Cloud Native Development Best Practices

ADVANCED JOURNEY You already have a lot of experience with Azure and want to expand and deepen it?

  • Solution assessment
  • Kubernetes for Developers
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Identity Management
  • Azure and Kubernetes Governance

For more details, visit our website CLOUD NATIVE JOURNEY FOR AZURE.