DevOps Road Trip: 4-day Workshop

white duck GmbH

We help you understand and apply DevOps methodologies correctly. We also provide insights into the associated project management.

During our coaching you will learn everything about the automation of your application and infrastructure as well as the operation and monitoring.

For this purpose, we offer various workshops and consulting offers as well as the possibility to deepen them together with us in a “proof of concept”. The workshops can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

We take you on a road trip during which we will introduce you to DevOps as a holistic process, the methods and technical platforms. We pick you and your team up from where you are. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or are already very familiar with the DevOps basics, we can support you and your team in all phases. With our DevOps and Project Management Road Trip, we map all parts of the DevOps approach – both technically and organizationally.

Agenda - DevOps Road Trip

  • Day 1: Azure Solution Assessment
  • Day 2: DevOps Basics
  • Day 3: Introduction to Operational Preparation on Azure
  • Day 4: Hands-on & Coaching

Agenda - Project Management Road Trip

  • Day 1: Azure Solution Assessment
  • Day 2: Agile Project Management with DevOps Methods
  • Day 3: Project Management From the Home Office
  • Day 4: Hands-on & Coaching

For more details, visit our website DevOps Road Trip.

Note: DevOps Road Trip and Project Management Road Trip can be booked separately. The final price depends on the hours actually worked.