Azure Synapse Analytics Assessment

WinWire Technologies

2-Week assessment will enable organizations to identify existing data and reporting structure, define detailed roadmap, and next steps to build Azure Synapse Proof of Concept (PoC).

Over the years, enterprises that have developed data environments with multiple toolsets face the challenge of governance, increasing TCO and deceleration in deriving value from complex unintegrated toolsets.

Azure Synapse Analytics is the only Unified Analytics platform that supports varied data storage formats, SQL to Spark based compute resources, virtualization, visualization, machine learning, and governance capabilities all under one integrated workspace. Leverage our rapid 2 weeks Azure Synapse Assessment to experience real value delivered by Synapse Analytics.

WinWire’s Data Estate Modernization framework brings the toolsets to accelerate the migration and development with prebuilt data ingestion framework, data models, and templates aligned with the principles of Microsoft ‘success by design’.

Azure Synapse Assessment Methodology

  • Scope – Understand the data landscape and define the scope
  • Architect – Synapse Analytics environment setup and validation
  • Pilot - For the identified scope, build data model, ingestion patterns & dashboards
  • Deploy and demonstrate – Deploy the code and test run with live data, demonstrate and handover app for validation, develop plan for roll outs

Key deliverables

  • Production-ready Synapse Analytics solution
  • Assessment and review of the current data landscape
  • Rollout plan and approach

Value delivered

  • Production-ready use case development
  • Reusable metadata-driven ingestion process
  • UX-driven visualization experience