Free 3 day Smart Factory Services Assessment Offer

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Leveraging Azure IOT services, Zensar can transform your existing factory operations into a Smart Factory.

FREE 3 Day Smart Factory Services Assessment Offer: Day 0: We learn about your business objectives and share a thorough overview of how our services offerings can help achieve your desired goals. Days 1: Objective setting and scope definitions are determined. Brief overview of the current state and the desired future state. We will also determine the impact on your business functions. Days 2: We work with your technical team(s) to collect the data for the exercise. We then design, plan and document the key guiding principles for the Smart Factory services efforts. Day 3: We deliver a report outlining a custom Smart Factory Optimization roadmap, timeline and modernization strategy. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. At the conclusion of the Free 2 Day Assessment Services offer, Zensar will deliver a report that shows you:

  • Our Azure IoT based solution with real-time integration with ERP/MES systems enables improved inventory visibility, scrap monitoring and real-time HVAC system alerts increasing forecasting accuracy by up to 65%
  • Realize Increased factory productivity by 30%
  • Our Smart Factory services platform increases your sales by a minimum of 10% simply by Azure IoT enabling your products! Let the Azure experts from Zensar Technologies show you how to use the latest Azure service offerings to enable the next generation Factory you need to succeed.

By the end of this free assessment, you will have a detailed view of our proposed next steps as well as additional value proposition(s) to choose from Zensar for your complete, end-to-end journey to Smart Factory Services adoption leveraging your Azure IOT and Intelligent Edge Investments. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.