DevOps Adoption - 1 hour briefing

Zuehlke Engineering

Tired of not delivering? Regain the power for fast innovation and business agility with Azure & DevOps!

Your current situation:

  • A pronounced silo thinking promotes local optimization, hampers the overarching cooperation and leads to wrong resource allocations.
  • The resulting inefficient end-to-end processes result in a long time-to-market and high costs, which inhibits innovation.
  • Business plan hypotheses cannot be validated due to missing or late end-user feedback
  • Cost reductions are expected in the area of IT, while at the same time increasing efficiency.

Our approach

  • DevOps is more culture and mindset than roles and processes. Therefore, it is important that the topic is approached holistically.

In this 1 hour briefing we will introduce you to the power of Azure & DevOps.

Your benefit

  • Increased efficiency through automation and further process optimizations - from development to release to operation/monitoring
  • Faster reaction to market changes and customer requirements through smaller development steps: Customers are provided with new products or features more quickly. Hypotheses can be validated more quickly through well-founded feedback.
  • Security and quality as integral components of the DevOps approach