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BlackBerry UEM 12.6.1 Base Image

BlackBerry UEM is a secure, complete solution to manage all devices and operating systems.
Use this image as the basis for all production scenarios, of any size or complexity. You can also use this image for development and testing purposes.

BlackBerry UEM: Increase productivity without sacrificing security

Protect your business data and increase productivity by fully enabling mobility.

  • Manage iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices
  • Support different ownership models (BYOD to corporate-liable), while preserving employee privacy
  • Separate work and personal activity with support for Samsung KNOX Workspace, Android for Work and BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Choose the deployment option that works for you, either pure Cloud-based or Hybrid Cloud
  • Leverage a platform that’s easy-to-use for large enterprise and small business alike