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GreatHorn Security Platform

GreatHorn is a cybersecurity platform that detects and prevents spear phishing for Office365.

Over 90% of all cyberattacks begin in the same way: via carefully crafted emails that are designed to trick one or more of your users into providing access to their accounts. These emails often look exactly like valid communications from a company or individual your employees know, and it only takes one successful deception to unravel your entire cybersecurity framework. And once they’re in, attackers use the credentials from even a single user to move inside your network, escalating their privileges and stealing sensitive and regulated data.

GreatHorn is a new kind of cybersecurity platform that solves this. Natively integrated into Office 365, GreatHorn identifies spear phishing attempts in realtime, without requiring any change to your existing mail systems, and can correlate suspicious activity with both unusual authentication events as well as complete content analysis, making it possible to detect and prevent breaches before they take hold. Deploying in under 15 minutes for most organizations, GreatHorn also provides automated, policy-driven response actions, sophisticated forensics capabilities, and the ability to quickly identify and remove sensitive or suspicious emails from users' inboxes in near realtime.