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Hortonworks Data Platform Standard

Easy to use configuration templates for an advanced Hadoop user

The Hortonworks and Microsoft relationship has enabled a seamless implementation of Apache Hadoop on Azure.

Hortonworks Data Platform is:

Completely Open

HDP is the only completely open Hadoop data platform available. All solutions in HDP are developed as projects through the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). There are NO proprietary extensions in HDP.

Fundamentally Versatile

At its heart HDP offers linear scale storage and compute across a wide range of access methods from batch to interactive, to real time, search and streaming. It includes a comprehensive set of capabilities across governance, integration, security and operations.

Wholly Integrated

HDP integrates with and augments your existing applications and systems so that you can take advantage of Hadoop with only minimal change to existing data architectures and skillsets. Deploy HDP in-cloud, on-premise or from an appliance across both Linux and Windows.

In Azure

Deploy HDP on Azure and experience improved control, flexibility, elasticity, and redundancy of Hadoop clusters. Hortonworks on Azure demystifies the Hadoop distribution so you don't need to choose and test the right combination of Hadoop projects to deploy.