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Magento & Wirecard Checkout Plugin

MobiLab Solutions
Preconfigured shop system from Magento with Wirecard Checkout Seamless plug-in

MobiLab Solutions GmbH offers a preconfigured shop system from Magento, which integrates the powerful, secure and PCI-DSS compliant Wirecard Checkout Seamless plug-in. The preconfigured shop system is an image which can be installed immediately and accessed as a virtual machine on Azure.

With Magento, as a shop operator, you can count on a system with a wide range of features for your individual needs. The integrated Wirecard Checkout Seamless plug-in also allows you to use all current payment methods directly out of the box and preconfigured. .

You therefore no longer need to worry about payment integration and can immediately go online with your shop. Using the Wirecard Checkout Portal, you can register for all the payment options you need quickly, flexibly, simply and cost-efficiently. Here is an overview of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Magento image available from the Azure Marketplace
  • Create a virtual machine and install the preconfigured Magento image directly on the Azure Marketplace
  • Image already contains the Checkout Seamless plug-in from Wirecard for acceptance of all current payment methods

Use the following credentials to access the admin panel of Magento:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Wirecard123