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NooBaa Hybrid S3 Archive

S3-compatible storage service that spans public and on-premises capacity resources

With NooBaa, Cloud storage is not an either-or prospect. As capacity grows, lock-in to a specific technology or cloud vendor becomes a major business risk. NooBaa’s agile data fabric solves this problem by allowing customers to consume arbitrary capacity resources in datacenters or in the cloud and flexibly specify placement policies. The NooBaa Core, a machine learning and metadata engine running in Azure, learns resource attributes and optimizes data placement for best performance and economics

Features of the NooBaa hybrid archive include:

  • Access Azure capacity through an Amazon-compatible S3 storage interface, enabling application compatibility regardless of resource choices.
  • Seamlessly incorporates any on-premises host-based capacity; virtual or physical, any vendor, shared or dedicated
  • Support for diverse network connectivity and dispersed WAN topologies
  • Blends multiple public clouds into a single flexible fabric
  • Capable of massive scale, tested to 20,000 nodes in a single system
  • Deduplication, compression, and encryption, always on.
  • 15 minute or less installation time is typical

NooBaa is designed for retention-oriented file-based workloads such as backup, archive, content repositories, Splunk archive, Hadoop, and other big-data workloads.