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aiScaler Load Balancer & Site Acceleration

aiScaler is an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with an emphasis on accelerating dynamic sites.

aiScaler is the swiss army knife of web application serving. It is a single easily configured virtual appliance that provides Traffic Management, Dynamic Site Acceleration, and DDoS protection. We provide free installation support and ongoing access to engineers with Azure expertise to help you optimize your site.

Alexa top 1000 sites, use aiScaler to scale and stabilize their environments.

Our reporting tools provide over 200 real-time metrics so you know what is happening with your application, allowing you to alert on and solve issues before they affect your users. We support mobile redirection and re-writing, HTTPS offload, while managing your users session layer, to free up origin resources.

aiScaler can reduce your Origin load by over 80%, simplifying your implementation and saving money on your deployment. Our dynamic site caching increases the speed from click to content. Deploying aiScaler as multiple endpoints on different Azure geographic networks removes network latency.

We support Highly Available deployment and can help you configure your Azure systems to guarantee uptime. In addition we provide 2 hours of free deployment support. Please contact us for a free technical consult.

For more information check out our video, BYOL pricing and getting started guide.