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STRATO Blockchain LTS

Private Ethereum blockchain with RESTful api, explorer, and developer tools

BlockApps is the leading provider of Ethereum blockchain development solutions. Our client, written in Haskell, provides a highly scalable Ethereum compliant blockchain with a industry standard RESTful API.

BlockApps provides the fastest development platform for building and deploying Ethereum blockchain applicaitons. Our quick deployments and RESTful API enable devleopers to build, test, and deploy smart contracts faster than ever.

This individual STRATO instance provides a RESTful web API on the HTTP port for querying the blockchain and compiling and uploading contracts. It also provides a separate API on port 8000 for communicating with bloc-server, the BlockApps rapid deployment tool that exposes contract operations to the web developer. Finally, on port 9000 it provides a blockchain explorer page that gathers statistics about the history of the blockchain on this instance.