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Implement robust security swiftly with Paladion OnDemand
Get Instant Cyber Security The complexity of managing cyber security in-house can be dizzying; teams co-coordinating and responding together in case of an incident, implementing a defense in-depth model, managing risk on new technologies, and the list goes on. Enterprises are mostly unsure of their current security posture in spite of spending heavily on the latest security technologies and investing in security talent. OnDemand’s Cyber Security as a Service tightly integrates technology and services and is delivered from Paladion’s globally distributed SOCs with over 450 plus security experts. It brings with it security talent that has matured for over 15 years and best-of-breed technologies for a fraction of the cost you are incurring to develop and maintain cyber security in-house. OnDemand’s security as a service goes beyond traditional information security offerings because it is driven by a team of investigators, threat intelligence analysts, data scientists, ethical hackers, Incident responders, and security architects, who are expertly coordinated for carrying out your cyber security operations. What’s more, the service is also backed by SLAs so you know who is accountable.