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VNS3 (Firewall/Router/VPN)

Cohesive Networks
VNS3:net Network Appliance (Firewall/Router/VPN) for Connectivity, Integration & Security in Azure

Cohesive Networks VNS3:net is a security and network routing virtual appliance built for Azure.

  • Hybrid Cloud Network Device - 7 Network Devices in One

  • Cloud Native Networking since 2008

  • Control IP Addressing, Network Topologies, and Multicast with Overlay Networking

  • Create Scalable, High Availability, Multi-Cloud Networks

  • Add Layer 4-7 Network Services via Docker Integration

  • Flexible Solution for All Major Industries Including: Government, Finance, Healthcare, ISV, Retail, Software Integrators, Mobile/Telecom, & more.

  • Connect to any Device

    VNS3:net supports most IPsec data center solutions: Preferred Most models from Cisco Systems*, Juniper, Watchguard, Dell SONICWALL, Netgear, Fortinet, Barracuda Networks, Check Point*, Zyxel USA, McAfee Retail, Citrix Systems, Hewlett Packard, D-Link, WatchGuard, Palo Alto Networks, OpenSwan, pfSense, and Vyatta.

    Best Effort Any IPsec device that supports: IKE1 or IKE2, AES256 or AES128 or 3DES, SHA1 or MD5, and most importantly NAT-Traversal standards.

    *Known Exclusions Checkpoint R65+ requires native IPSec connections as Checkpoint does not conform to NAT-Traversal Standards and Cisco ASA 8.4(2)-8.4(4) bugs prevent a stable connection from being maintained.