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Meeting Rooms - Enterprise (On-Premise Exchange)

Schedule and attend a meeting, in a matter of seconds (for Enterprises with exchange On-Premise)

Integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, the solution is easy to build in your existing corporate environment.


Do you need a meeting room spontaneously, to discuss the important changes in your project?

In a matter of seconds, you can find the most convenient meeting room, according to your needs and the needs of your team.


You can easily access the status of any meeting room in your enterprise, even when you are not in your own office.

Using filters, it is easier to select the room with the right resources and capacity.


You are one tap away from booking the right room for your meeting.

Using the convenience of your smartphone, tap the widget and the right meeting room will be booked for you.


Using iBeacon technology, the user is sensed when he enters a meeting room and the mobile app will assign him to that room. If the user doesn’t check-in, the app will automatically cancel the reservation and let other users book that space.

Watch the video on our website at Meeting-Rooms-management and contact us for pricing and further details.