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Kelverion Runbook Studio for Azure Automation

The Runbook Studio for Azure Automation enables easy authoring of Azure runbooks.
The Kelverion Runbook Studio provides rich graphical authoring of Azure Automation Runbooks without the need for a permanent internet connection. The Runbook Studio is aimed firmly at IT professionals who do not have much experience or knowledge of PowerShell but still want to leverage the power of Microsoft's new cloud based tool, Azure Automation. For experienced PowerShell users the Runbook Studio increases your productivity and makes your solution more supportable in the longer term. On-going maintenance and operation does not need detailed PowerShell knowledge. The Runbook Studio enables users to create Runbooks using the same script free, code free, graphical authoring approach they have become used to with System Center Orchestrator. Once the Runbook design is complete the tool will automatically generate Azure Automation Graphical Runbooks for upload and execution by Azure Automation. The Runbook Studio also provides a workspace to manage all of your Assets across multiple Automation Accounts and even multiple Azure Subscriptions from within one view. Within those Automation Accounts, Runbook Studio lets you create, edit and delete Runbook Variables, Certificates, Credentials and Connections. This offering is a BYOL license with a 14-day trial licence.