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OpenIdeaL - Open source Innovation Management

Linnovate Technologies Ltd.
OpenIdeaL - Open source Innovation Management
OpenIdeaL - Open source innovation management

It's never been easier to discover innovation, and take the right action.

OpenideaL is an Innovation and Idea Management System (IDMS), adapted for companies & organizations interested in sharing strategic decisions and future planning of products and services with their customers.

It is a perfect tool for decision makers and their analysts who need to take strategic decisions, and wish to expand their view of the problem with the poser of the crowd, whether these are the organization's employees or any other public.

OpenideaL is an open source project, based on the Drupal platform and is therefore modular and expandable. OpeanideaL can be personalized with a unique design, polls and surveys, interfacing with external applications such as Facebook or with applications within the organization itself. The interface is adapted for a wide range of devices: phones, desktops, tablets or kiosks.