Coiote IoT DM Platform

AVSystem Sp. z o.o.

Coiote IoT DM Platform

AVSystem Sp. z o.o.

Secure and energy-efficient device lifecycle management platform for CoAP-based devices.

AVSystem is a stable and trusted partner providing Coiote IoT DM platform as a cloud service which enables a smooth connection of constrained IoT devices to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central and Azure Device Provisioning services. In addition, it also offers Anjay, an LwM2M client, a top class CoAP based device SDK, to build secure and efficient IoT devices.

AVSystem is a software provider specializing in solutions and services for device management based on the LwM2M protocol. Our goal is to promote the technology and enable a smooth and fast adoption of LwM2M in a wide-range of IoT devices.

With our IoT solutions: Coiote DM and Anjay, we provide a complex set of tools to ease the device development process, effectively reducing time to market for new solutions, and manage devices at each stage of their lifecycle


With these products, we aim to provide building blocks for affordable, secure and energy-efficient IoT solutions enabling:

  • Swift build of the secure and energy efficient IoT devices

  • Secure and efficient deployment

  • Scalable device lifecycle operation and management

AVSystem takes an innovative approach to business by forming strong partnerships with other IoT technological leaders, making technology easy and accessible just for you.

By choosing Anjay & Coiote IoT DM, you can take advantage of ready to deploy:

  • chip-to-cloud solution optimized for popular chipsets,

  • system security solutions,

  • support from a vibrant developer community,

  • support of our embedded specialists.

It doesn't matter if you are an enthusiast of IoT, testing smart solutions for your home or work for an enterprise company focused on large-scale fleet management, security, and reliability. Coiote IoT DM, as a developer focused solution, supports you on every step of your journey with IoT. With our Developer Plan, you can start this journey for free. If you work on a business project, and look for more advanced features, you can choose higher, commercial plans.

Cloud plans

Developer Plan - Free

For IoT Enthusiasts and embedded developers who want to test Coiote platform capabilities and manage a small group of the devices (up to 10 devices).

This is the best way to get into the IoT world. With this plan, you can quickly prototype your IoT device and implement basic connectivity features like: secure provisioning via Management Server, access to the device data and telemetry, visualisation of the device data on the dashboard and device firmware upgrade. Your device can also be connected with Microsoft Azure IoT services.

Business Plan

For organisations that want to deploy and operate a large number of IoT devices. Business Plan doesn’t have device pool restrictions, but a flat monthly fee increased by the number of added devices. Costs for the added devices are paid separately. The price per device depends on the number of devices added.

Choosing Coiote DM Business Plan, you get access to group management features, or additional security tools like EST, a popular device certificate management protocol.

Finally, our offer is complemented with Anjay, the LwM2M client and its integrations for the most popular chipsets featuring Nordic Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and EspressIf.

How does the solution address customer problems?

Microsoft Azure endpoints do not support the UDP protocols used with low-power networks (LPWANs) such as NB-IoT or LTE-M. Usage of TCP based protocols in LPWANs results in a significant communication overhead that leads to dramatic reduction of battery lifetime. Microsoft Azure IoT services are excellent in providing functionalities for efficient device sensor data processing, however, device management features except for firmware upgrade are not standardized. This requires users to always build them for their solutions.

Coiote IoT DM enables seamlessly connecting UDP/CoAP devices to Microsoft Azure IoT services and reliably collect device sensor data. In addition, it provides out-of-the-box device management functionalities based on LwM2M protocol. It provides an efficient communication flow with low-power devices resulting in their increased battery lifetimes.