VOD Encoding

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VOD Encoding

Bitmovin Inc.

Massively distributed cloud video encoding for media and entertainment

Product Overview

Better quality, lower bandwidth - Streaming video often requires compromises between quality and cost. With our proprietary Per Title, Per Shot, and Multiple Pass encoding, we remove that headache by delivering the best possible quality video file at the lowest possible bit rate, reducing your CDN and storage costs while maintaining an optimal viewing experience for your users.

Make content available rapidly - Viewers should not wait for your files to finish encoding. The Bitmovin distributed split and stitch architecture ensures VOD assets are turned around quickly and seamlessly so you can get to what you do best: delivering great content.

Multi codec support - Encode your files easily as the Bitmovin VOD Encoder supports multiple codecs such as AV1, VP9, HEVC (H.265), H.264, and even legacy codecs, helping you ensure your content can always be made available. Additionally, improve content quality through multi HDR with Dolby Vision.

Content security - Keep your content protected and traceable with integrations for over 15 multi-DRM and watermarking providers, enabling you to deliver video cost-effectively and securely at a resolution of up to 8K ultra-high definition (UHD).

Simplified streaming - Delivering the best video bitrate profile for your content can be overwhelming. With the Bitmovin Simple Encoding API, smart presets and code examples get you up and running with the power to build and support the most simple to the most complex workflows.

Scale easily - The Bitmovin Video Encoder was built to scale. You will never have to worry about peaks and valleys in usage or spinning up new servers.

Industries that use our Encoder:

- OTT video streaming platforms
- eLearning and online education
- Online health and fitness classes
- Sports clubs, leagues, and federations
- Esports
- Music and cultural events
- News organizations
- Internal corporate communications
- Public sector and public safety agencies
- Digital Publishing
- Ecommerce
- +More