DNS Server

Cloud Infrastructure Services

DNS Server

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Provide DNS resolution services to your servers & apps in Azure and on-prem on Windows Server 2016

DNS Server Solution on Windows Server 2016

This Windows Server 2016 IaaS VM comes pre loaded with the Microsoft DNS server role, remote administration tools for DNS and the required powershell modules.

The perfect solution for providing DNS resolution to your servers in Azure, applications and clients on prem or in the cloud.

DNS Server Features

  • DNS Policies (ie. Query Resolution, Recursion, Zone Transfer, Traffic Management)
  • IPv6 Root Hints
  • Response Rate Limiting (RRL)
  • DNS – Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)
  • Unknown Record Support
  • Extended Windows PowerShell Support
  • DNS Setup / Support

    Step by step guide can be found on our website - Setup DNS Server in Azure

    Support for this DNS Server solution is from : Azure DNS Server

    Firewall Ports

    DNS Requires the following ports to be open

    Incoming open ports:
  • TCP/53
  • UDP/53
  • Outgoing open ports:

  • TCP/53
  • UDP/53