MySQL 5.7 With CentOS 7.6


MySQL 5.7 With CentOS 7.6


MySQL 5.7.31 With CentOS 7.6

MySQL is the most popular Open Source Relational SQL database management system. MySQL is one of the best RDBMS being used for developing web-based software applications.

CentOS has been OS of choice for most enterprises owing to its performance, Enterprise readiness and continuous updates. CentOS with Mysql offers a combination of a stable Operating System ( CentOS) as well as a very stable RDBMS which is used by Most of OSS CMS systems including a RDMBS of choice for Most of enterprise users.

CentOS shall continue to be supported through variety of updates and Cognosys continuous efforts to ensure the product is regularly updated to ensure all security packages are updated

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Server version: 5.7.31 MySQL Community Server

Please use mysql -u root with password Passw@rd123 to connect to mysql server.

MySQL Services:

  • To start MySQL Service: service mysql start
  • To stop MySQL Service: service mysql stop
  • To restart MySQL Service: service mysql restart
  • To get status of MySQL Service: service mysql status
  • Default ports: MySQL Port : 3306 this is by default not allowed on cloud firewall for security. Please allow SSH port 22 and MySQL port 3306 to limited IPs for access.

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