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A Blockchain Platform Governance to deploy, manage and scale SmartContracts, DApps, CorDApps.

For all type companies that want to develop and manage private Blockchain projects networks. The BlockchainLab is an Enterprise Blockchain Governance as a Service (SaaS). Our solution allows you to manage the network, apps/smart contracts and participants in a private Blockchain network without the need to concern about infrastructure, architecture, connections, scaling up/down, onboarding and even platform technical details such as growth or upgrade.

With our product you reduce the upfront cost, time, complexity and demands for highly qualified laborers, making you focus on your business case.

It also accelerates your go-to-market strategy, abstracting the technical complexity of managing the platform, keeping governance of onboarding members and deployment orchestration on the network. Releasing your time and money to invest in your product features and user experience.

Our features

Simplicity - 3 steps to create your blockchain network:

1- Network Setting - Set up your network and domain

2- Platform Settings - Inform your organization’s data

3- Network Size - Choose the desired location of your infrastructure and the initial computing capacity of your network

No lock-in contract - At any time, take your project to your infrastructure.

Customized plataform for organic growth - Start with a network that meets your MVP's needs and grow your networks as your project grows.

Beyond the blockchain

To support and accelerate your project we offer several associated services such as:

  • Consultancy

  • Back End

  • Front End

  • UX & UI

  • DNS

  • CDN

  • WAF

Feeling excited or have any questions? Talk to us.

BlockchainLab, the solution that accelerates the creation of your blockchain networks