CrunchYard HPC Cluster - CPU Based Cluster on SUSE Enterprise Linux 15.3 HPC


CrunchYard HPC Cluster - CPU Based Cluster on SUSE Enterprise Linux 15.3 HPC


Need you own HPC cluster without the pain of building it yourself?

CrunchYard's HPC Cluster provides instant access to your own CPU based cluster - ideal for clients with their own HPC applications (engineering, financial and big data users).

Any high-performance solution requires the right hardware, at the right time that is configured correctly. The CrunchYard HPC Cluster leverages Azure’s ability to provide the required hardware as needed in order to automate, install and configure the HPC cluster for use within minutes. 

Why CrunchYard's HPC Cluster?

HPC Applications require hardware to scale to many hundreds or thousands of CPU cores, on a fast network (infiniband) with a file system that can manage the high data IO. HPC clusters solve this problem through a collection of servers working together. The setup of the infrastructure and software can however be difficult even for seasoned professionals.  CrunchYard's HPC Cluster automates the setup based on your requirements, including features such as OpenPBS, Ganglia, Gluster, MPICH, OpenMPI and a BETA script to manage the start and stop on Virtual machines on Azure. You can create a cluster suitable to install your own HPC applications

Key Features:

  • Automatic Setup in minutes. The collection of servers is setup automatically in Azure. The system is installed and configured for immediate use.
  • Optional Gluster AND NFS file share. A single access point provides NFS file share and optionally a Gluster file system.
  • OpenPBS , Ganglia and Management scripts. Resources are managed and monitored through OpenPBS and Ganglia. A BETA script provides the means to automate starting and stopping virtual machines to manage costs
  • Customizable. The cluster of servers can be configured to your specifications. This includes type and number of servers as well as the type and size of hard drives.

HPC Applications include climate modeling, computer-aided engineering, exploratory data analysis, financial modeling, genomic sequencing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, seismic processing, video editing and visual effects rendering.

[NOTE: Initial Deployment, setup and configuration of the cluster takes approximately 25 minutes]

[NOTE: Make sure you have sufficient Virtual Machine Quota before deployment]