IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking

eMulya Fintech Pte Ltd

IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking

eMulya Fintech Pte Ltd

Eliminate risks and ensure compliance by redacting first 8 digits of Aadhaar No. from Aadhaar images

Banks, NBFCs, Insurers and other financial institutions; hotels, e-Commerce ventures, mobile companies and many others process and store Aadhaar images of their end customers. Not masking the  Aadhaar numbers puts  these organizations in breach of the compliance and creates a serious reputational and financial risk in case of a breach.

IN-D’s Masking Solution, is a cloud-based solution designed to helps you identify Aadhaar images (both front and back) and  mask  them at the click of a button. IN-D’s technology in up to 99% accurate and can seamlessly integrate with the client applications via a set of secure APIs. Furthermore, IN-D’s state of the art Computer vision technology helps you mask Aadhaar images that are up to 180 Degree skewed and has background, shadows etc., appearing on the image.

Thus, with IN-D Aadhaar Data Masking, you can:

  • Upload individual Aadhaar for online processing or in bulk for cleaning your archives

  • Process across formats – PDF, JPEGs, PNG, Tiff

  • Separate Aadhaar from other IDs 

  • Redact Aadhaar number 

  • Save with your chosen storage option

Case in Point: A Mumbai based Small Finance Bank used IN-D to Mask and verify 400,000 Aadhaar without writing a piece of code.

IN-D Aadhaar Data Masking solution comes from, an ISO27001:2013 certified organization, which is a leading provider of artificial intelligence based Document-to-Data solutions covering areas like Video KYC, digital identity verification, audits, income analysis etc. 

IN-D is a cost effective solution that helps you save time and effort, and become regulatory compliant without compromising on the privacy of your end-customers.