Digital Spine Integration Client by EnergyWeb

Energy Web DevHub GmbH

Digital Spine Integration Client by EnergyWeb

Energy Web DevHub GmbH

Helping electricity market participants integrate and coordinate distributed energy resources

Are you a grid operator or electricity market participant struggling to unlock the full value of distributed energy resources due to inconsistent data, high data exchange costs, or limited visibility? A Digital Spine will help you overcome the challenge of maintaining many point-to-point integrations, and give you the tool you need to communicate and interact with DERs at scale.

In its simplest form, a Digital Spine is a thin layer of interoperability that connects information between various hardware, software, and organizational systems comprising a grid in near real time. In contrast to the existing information technology landscape that utilities rely on today (which features limited information sharing between isolated and fragmented systems) a Digital Spine offers an open-access, cohesive infrastructure that is jointly governed and operated by multiple market participants.


  • Enable DER revenue stacking by coordinating operations across wholesale (transmission) and retail (distribution) systems

  • Reduce data exchange and reconciliation costs among utilities and market participants

  • Communicate multiple common DER and e-mobility data schemas and protocols (IEEE 2030.5, OADR, OCPI, OCCP) via a single integration

  • Establish a harmonized view of DER among grid operators and market participants with shared digital infrastructure


  • Self-serve channel configuration and topic management

  • Configure custom channels for one:one (unicast), one:many (broadcast), and many:many (multicast) communications

  • Create custom data schemas and channels for specific DER use cases

  • Self-sovereign identity and access management

  • Encryption and authentication of every message and its payload

  • Post or subscribe to channels via API

Join AEMO in using the Digital Spine Client to streamline DER communications with industry partners.


Energy Web is a global non-profit accelerating the clean energy transition by developing open-source technology solutions for energy systems. Our enterprise-grade solutions improve coordination across complex energy markets, unlocking the full potential of clean, distributed energy resources for businesses, grid operators, and customers. Our solutions for enterprise asset management, data exchange, and Green Proofs, our tool for registering and tracking low-carbon products, are underpinned by the Energy Web Chain, the world’s first public blockchain tailored to the energy sector. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, corporate energy buyers, automotive, IoT, telecommunications leaders, and more. More information on Energy Web can be found at


Energy Web is now hosting a public Digital Spine message broker that organizations can use for free by installing the Digital Spine Client Gateway. The message broker is preconfigured with several DER applications so utilities and grid operators can experiment with different use cases.

  • Install and configure Digital Spine Client Gateway in your environment


Read the public release notes about Energy Web’s Digital Spine Toolkit here

Reference the Digital Spine wiki here