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Hive Core Video Analytics

Hive Streaming

Capture key video consumption data to further your company’s video streaming adoption objectives.


Hive Video Insights provides you a suite of video analytics that allows you to understand the effectiveness of your company’s video communication. Identify the key takeaways from your video content to drive decisions for your next event. Hive Video Insights can be used with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Skype, and Office 365 Video and many other video stream platforms to capture individual video user metrics.

Connect your people and data through an intuitive integrated communication solution that empowers you and your team with insights and enhanced reporting on internal or public event video engagement. Any Microsoft 365 customer can leverage Hive Insights and gain access to: 

What’s Included with Hive Video Insights?

Actionable Insights: Turn video engagement data into actionable insights and take control of your video adoption journey through Hive Video Insights.  Gain enhanced reporting and analytics on employee or attendee engagement, reach and viewership, in addition to video performance KPIs. Provide the below insights to your organization about your video user experience to help your organization understand live event or on-demand video engagement success:

  • Did the event run too long, or too short?
  • Did we reach everyone with the best Quality of Experience (QoE)?
  • How can we improve the experience to maximize employee engagement?
  • Buffering Severity – How was the video quality?

Event Views
: As part of on-demand marketing videos, events, HR onboarding or any situation that needs data on video views, Hive Streaming provides user engagement view counts (e.g., counts that relate to closing and reopening video assets) and other interaction analytics. 

Join the thousands of Hive Streaming customers from across industries, including automotive, financial services, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecom, SIs, and technology providers to get insights into your video stream engagements. 

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