IDEMIA Smart Connect M2M


IDEMIA Smart Connect M2M


Smart Connect M2M: an eSIM provisioning solution dedicated to industrial, IoT & automotive use cases

Smart Connect M2M is a remote SIM provisioning solution that allows any device to connect to the network out of the box. It is developed for industrial, IoT and automotive use cases where the end-user interaction is not required.

IDEMIA has built a complete technology suite and an efficient delivery methodology which led to onboarding numerous car makers, IoT device manufacturers and mobile operators.

Smart Connect M2M allows generating and managing multiple Mobile Operator subscription profiles in the eUICCs during the device’s lifetime. It is made of 3 major components:

·       Subscription Manager – Data Preparation (SM – DP):  It stores MNO credentials, generates and encrypts MNO profiles on-demand

·       Subscription Manager – Secure Router (SM – SR): It stores eUICC  access information, delivers MNO profiles OTA, and permits remote management of the profiles on an IoT device (typically enable, disable, delete)

·       Digital Personalization System (DPS) for profile ordering and generation as well as enhanced profile management features such as dynamic profile generation, profile customization, and dynamic profile adaptation.

·       And optionally Smart Connect Manager that provides additional features to connect to MNO and OEM backend systems, to handle external events, to manage intelligent actions workflows and to run campaigns.

With these components, Smart Connect M2M can support all IoT eSIM devices and use cases in the market today, and for the near future.

Smart Connect M2M is compliant with the latest GSMA specifications and ready to remotely provision any eSIM on demand.