Boost 360

Jio Platforms Limited

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Boost 360

Jio Platforms Limited

(2 Bewertungen)

Build your own website, enable online orders for your products and collect payments easily.

Boost 360 is a unique platform that can help you manage your entire digital strategy. It makes running your digital business so simple, you can do it all on your own!

From creating a website, to ensuring a high Google ranking, to selling products and services online, Boost 360 is a fully automatic application that helps you enjoy the benefits of Digital Marketing while eliminating its challenges.

Almost anyone can create and maintain a Boost 360 website as it requires no technical knowledge. Just follow the instructions on the app/web portal to run your own digital strategy and watch your business grow!

The application comes in several different types catering to a wide range of businesses:

● Retail

● Services

● Doctor (individual)

● Clinics and hospitals

● Education and coaching

● Manufacturing and equipment

● Restaurants and cafes

● Hotels and motels

● Spas and salons

It is equipped to take care of your entire digital strategy, including:

● Creating a website

● Setting up product/service catalogue

● Booking appointments

● Online orders and e-commerce

● Digital payments

● Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

● Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

● Social Media Marketing (SMM)

● Customer calls and enquiries

● Communicating with customers

● Professional e-mail accounts

● Business keyboard

● WhatsApp integration

● Live analytics

● Website subscribers

2. Type of user that benefits from the offer

SMBs across India who want to take their business online and utilise digital marketing tools to grow their business. It helps users who are looking for

● To take their business online

● Reach new customers

● Eliminate the middleman and sell directly to customer

● Wants an easy to manage platform that saves time and money

● To get a snapshot of inventory/sales

● To establish and grow online presence

● Wants an easy to use platform that can offer online consultations/telemedicine

● Schedule/cancel/manage appointments easily

● Do all of this in a cost-effective manner

3. Customer need or pain that the offer addresses

Too many options to go online. Not sure where to start: Create your website in 5 minutes with Boost. No technical skills required.

Existing eCommerce solutions are complicated: Selling your products/services online with Boost is easy. Just add your products/services to the catalogue, add bank account information, and you're ready to go.

How do I get new customers and engage existing ones: Find and engage new customers with digital marketing tools. Connect your website to social media to promote your business easily.

Difficult to manage orders/appointments/payments: Create and manage orders, appointments easily, collect payments via all popular modes, share invoices directly from the app or web portal.

Most solutions don’t have category specific features: Boost comes with specific category features like appointment booking for doctors, spa & salons; room booking engine for hotels; table reservation for restaurants etc.