Rimscout - Digital Experience Monitoring

Net at Work GmbH

Rimscout - Digital Experience Monitoring

Net at Work GmbH

Identify and solve your users connectivity issues to create excellent digital experience.

Are you an IT manager or administrator looking for a monitoring solution to explore network connections end-to-end from a users' perspective?
Your users suffer from connectivity issues with your enterprise application and cloud service endpoints, and you can´t localize the cause? Especially with hybrid and cloud-based modern workplaces, it is both increasingly important and more complicated to enable your users to work without disruptions.

We help you to create an excellent digital experience

With Rimscout, connectivity issues can be quickly identified, pinpointed and solved. Increase your company’s productivity by continuously measuring the IT performance. Reduce your support costs and save time by detecting those issues in your IT infrastructure before users complain. Gain a quick overview of the areas that need to be reworked in order to use your cloud services efficiently.

End-to-End monitoring to explore your users’ digital experience

  • Monitor the availability and the performance of your enterprise applications and cloud services from a user's perspective
  • Know the performance of your users’ devices by tracking local key health indicators
  • Easily spot connectivity issues on the device, network, internet or selected services by using our health charts
  • Identify the most severe performance issue

Customize your monitoring to build a solution as flexible as its environment

  • Define connection tests and thresholds for your own services and choose which service to monitor
  • Manage and configure all your clients, tests and locations individually
  • Compare results based on different locations
  • View and analyze your test results via customizable charts

Simplify your troubleshooting to empower your helpdesk

  • Identify and pinpoint digital experience issues without remote diagnosis or user involvement
  • View historical data and find patterns over time
  • Choose between different health pages for local or global connectivity issues and outage detection
  • Use the list of the most degraded clients and our troubleshooting guide to quickly identify and resolve issues before a user complains

In a modern world, digital experience issues are frequent and time-consuming. Rimscout is a monitoring tool designed to easily spot and resolve those issues.

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